Colorado Eye Care - Eye Surgery
Denver, Colorado

For eye surgery and comprehensive eye care in Denver, Colorado, the experts at Omni Eye Specialists and Spivack Vision Center® offer the most advanced diagnostics and treatment of eye conditions. We provide Blade-Free Custom LASIK, cataract surgery, premium lifestyle lenses, and LipiFlow for long-term dry eye relief at our regional eye care facilities throughout the Denver Metro Area in Colorado.

At Omni Eye Specialists and Spivack Vision Center® our optometrists and ophthalmologists in Denver, Colorado are board-certified, residency and fellowship-trained. We are committed to providing quality eye care and advanced and state-of-the-art treatments for all eye conditions from correcting nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism to cataracts to dry eye syndrome.

In addition to Denver LASIK, Advanced Cataract Surgery and Dry Eye Treatment, our fellowship-trained surgeons also offer:

  • Glaucoma medical and surgical treatment
  • Peri-Ocular plastic surgery; for cosmetic and functional needs
  • Retinal surgery, Diabetic and Macular therapy through our board-certified retina specialists

If you are looking for cataract surgery, dry eye treatment or All-Laser LASIK in Denver, Colorado, please call us today to schedule your exam at 303-377-2020 or free LASIK consultation at 303-733-2020.


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